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podiatrist examines a bunion

Lasting Relief for Bunions in London, Ontario

Experience comfort and relief from bunions at Westmount Foot and Orthotic Clinic in London, ON. Our clinic is committed to delivering specialized solutions that comprehensively address the symptoms, causes, and preventive measures associated with bunions. Our team of experienced podiatrists is devoted to providing personalized care, ensuring that your feet find relief and maintain long-term health. From precise diagnosis to custom-tailored treatment plans, trust Westmount Foot and Orthotic Clinic to be your dedicated partner in achieving optimal foot health. Take the first step toward lasting relief—let us guide you on a journey to pain-free and healthy feet.

Comprehensive Bunion Care

Trust Westmount Foot and Orthotic Clinic for specialized care addressing bunions in London. Our expert podiatrists prioritize accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans, ensuring lasting relief for your foot health.

Bunion Symptoms 

Check the signs below:

  • Bulging bump on the base of the big toe: Observe and take notice of abnormal bump formation and visible protrusion at the big toe joint.

  • Swelling, redness, or soreness around the big toe joint: Experience inflammation in the area surrounding the big toe. Observe red discolouration or tenderness in the joint region.

  • Corns or calluses: Develop thickened and hardened skin patches. Frequently occur where the big toe and second toe rub against each other.

  • Ongoing or intermittent pain: Feel persistent or recurring discomfort in the affected foot. Episodes of pain may vary in intensity and duration.

  • Limited movement of the big toe: Encounter difficulty in moving the big toe freely. Experience stiffness or restricted mobility in the joint.


Explore the reasons for bunion occurrence:

  • Inherited foot type: Genetic predisposition plays a role in the development of bunions. Family history of foot conditions contributing to inherited foot structure.

  • Foot stress or injuries: Excessive pressure or trauma to the foot. Repetitive stress on the big toe joint is common in certain physical activities.

  • Deformities present at birth: Structural abnormalities in the foot from birth. Congenital factors influencing bunion formation.

  • Tight, high-heeled, or too-narrow shoes: Prolonged use of footwear that compresses the toes. High-heeled shoes force weight onto the front of the foot.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis: Inflammatory joint condition contributing to bunion development. Autoimmune factors affect the joints, including those in the feet.


Here are the treatment options for bunions: 

  • Non-invasive interventions: Explore conservative approaches before surgical options. Non-surgical methods include splints or orthotic devices.

  • Expert advice on footwear: Receive guidance on choosing appropriate shoes. Emphasize comfortable, supportive footwear to alleviate pressure.

  • Personalized treatment plans: Visit us for tailored strategies based on the severity of the bunion. We offer individualized plans addressing specific patient needs.

  • Comprehensive bunion care: Adopt a holistic approach covering symptom management and root causes. Our integrated care combines multiple interventions for optimal results.

  • Patient-focused approach: We prioritize patient comfort and preferences in treatment. We also involve patients in decision-making for their care.


Learn how to prevent bunions:

  • Choose shoes with a wide toe box: Opt for footwear that accommodates the natural width of the toes. Select shoes with sufficient space to prevent crowding.

  • Ensure proper shoe fit: Regularly measure and ensure shoes match foot size changes. Avoid wearing shoes that squeeze or cramp the toes.

  • Avoid tight, narrow, or pointed shoes: Steer clear of footwear styles that constrict toe movement. Opt for designs that prioritize foot comfort and space.

  • Regular foot exercises: Incorporate stretching and strengthening exercises for foot health. Improve flexibility and reduce stress on the toes.

  • Consult a podiatrist for preventive measures: Seek professional advice on foot health. Go for regular check-ups with a podiatrist for early detection and prevention.

Reclaim Your Foot Health

Take the first step toward pain-free and healthy feet with Westmount Foot and Orthotic Clinic. Our dedicated team is ready to provide expert bunion care tailored to your unique needs. Schedule your consultation today and experience personalized foot care solutions for lasting relief.

Discover Freedom from Bunions Today!

Take the first step towards pain-free living. Explore our expert solutions for bunions in London and regain comfort in every step. Our dedicated team is here to guide you on your journey to healthier, happier feet.

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