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Diabetic foot treatment

Assistance With Common Foot Ailments & Diabetic Footcare in London, Ontario


At Westmount Foot and Orthotic Clinic, we provide a range of services aimed at helping our clients keep their feet healthy. One of the services includes diabetic footcare in London. Those suffering from diabetes are generally more susceptible to developing nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy, and other problems. The legs and feet can often be affected by complications associated with diabetes, which is why access to proper care is essential.

The damage to the nerves can make injuries to the foot go undetected. The lack of blood flow can cause people to neglect issues such as blisters, making them more complicated. Not only that, but neuropathy makes the skin cracked and dry, which encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi.

If you are diabetic and have experienced any type of injury to your foot, please contact us as quickly as possible. No matter the severity, even a minor foot injury is an emergency for patients with diabetes. Besides this, we also provide orthotics.


What Is Neuropathy?

Often, those suffering from diabetes can experience motor, automatic and sensory neuropathy. This can affect their normal functioning in many ways. Generally, automatic neuropathy in the feet affects sweat gland function. As a result, individuals become prone to developing cracked feet, causing fissures and skin breakdowns. These fissures can allow bacteria and infection to enter the body.

Motor neuropathy can cause atrophy by affecting the muscles. The muscles in the feet can become small, while the tissues tend to lose their strength. This process can lead to the emergence of a hammertoe, which puts pressure on other areas of the foot.

A decline in sensations in the foot is caused by sensory neuropathy. This can cause individuals to exert abnormal amounts of pressure on certain parts of their feet. This, in turn, leads to the development of calluses when walking. Over time, these can become ulcers if the proper care is not undertaken.

For those with diabetes, issues such as hammertoes, calluses, corns, blisters, metatarsal disorders and bunions should never be ignored. If left untreated, they can cause severe complications.

We have the experience and know-how to provide you with dependable diabetic footcare in London. You can view our FAQs section to learn more about diabetic footcare and other related issues.

Diabetic Foot Care Tips

The following are some tips to take care of your feet:

  • Do not remove calluses or corns
  • Do not cut nails yourself
  • Avoid smoking as it decreases blood supply to the feet
  • Ask our chiropodist about soaking your feet
  • Do not wear stockings or socks with tight elastic backs
  • Always wear socks with shoes
  • Keep feet away from heat (burns can go unnoticed)
  • Never walk barefoot, indoors or out


Check Daily for Foot Injuries

As a diabetic, it’s important to examine your feet every day so injuries do not go unnoticed. Look for signs of redness, blisters, or ulcers. Look at the bottom of your feet and between your toes. If you have movement limitations, have someone else look for you, or use a mirror to examine the bottom and soles of your feet.


Purchasing Shoes

For diabetics, it’s best to purchase shoes late in the day when swelling has peaked. Also, make sure to try on the shoes along with the type of socks you wear on a daily basis. Only buy comfortable, proper fitting shoes that do not require force to put on, or a breaking-in period; the shoe should immediately feel comfortable. Request shoes with deep-toe boxes made of upper leather material. Do not wear the same shoes every day, but alternate them with a comparable pair. Shoes are more prone to damage when moisture is present.

Contact Us for Diabetic Footcare in London

At our footcare centre, we're always welcoming new clients. You can trust our podiatrist to provide you with the care you deserve, whether you require treatment for bunions or diabetic footcare in London. We keep up with the latest information and use cutting-edge tools and technology to ensure you always have access to quality care.

Please contact us if you'd like to make an appointment with us. We'd be delighted to address any queries or concerns about our services.

Let Us Take Care of Your Feet


Our seasoned podiatrist can provide you with dependable diabetic footcare in London.

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